Intelligent Navigation Device

Redefine automotive navigation experience

D1S | M1S

Automobile Intelligent Navigation Device

  • A big step in consumer telematics
  • The most efficient smart-car solution
Voice Control 4G Network HIFI Music Play Consumer Telematics


A Simple Life, A Happy Time

Messy equipment and wires, a headache?
Malfunction navigation and unsafe touch control, a trouble?
Jidou now brings you a high-speed and convenient system that integrates navigation, music, broadcasting and radio
through Android. With 4G network,you could access to online services
including music, search and navigation. The purest and the most convenient driving pleasure.


Consumer Telematrics

Directly connected with the MCU of the car, Jidou navigation quickly knows everything about the car,
works perfectly with the car and delivers real-time monitoring.
With 4G network, check and management of your car
through an app is possible and your car will be truly smart via user-friendly functions such as car safety precaution and smart tips.

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